Whether you are divorced, long-time single, separated, single parents , widowed or widowed, or in perpetual quest for perfect love, we all go through periods of celibacy in our lives. Moreover, the only way of evolution in society for a woman has long been marriage. And that remains firmly anchored in our memories and in our culture! Fortunately, celibacy is no longer only perceived as a ball that you drags, on the contrary!

Like Hollywood, and her single, way of working, being single becomes a way of life!

So notice to desperate singles, to those who think that they will never succeed in "redoing" their life - as if it had stopped after a breakup - I will prove to you that we can quite be single and swim in happiness !

Attention, I'm not saying that we do not have the right to suffer from a break or a lack of relationships. On the contrary, sadness is a healthy emotion that needs to express itself and to be lived. You have the right to take a retreat a…

Can we be single and happy?

"My existence alone, I live it fully. I want to redo my life, but not at any price, "says Christelle, 35, a single mother divorced for two years. "I take advantage of the variants of love: the tenderness that I find with my family and my daughter, the complicity I share with my friends ..." At a time when marriage is no longer a must, where the life of a couple thinks more in CDD than in CDI and where society is more individualistic, we are all led to know periods of celibacy. Gone are the days when the Catherinettes were mocked and the old boys ridiculed. Today, singles and some do not hesitate to extol the merits of solo life. Without making it a life project.

Singles flourished
Among the solos, they are numerous to prove that it is possible to exist and to blossom out of the life of couple, which is often far from being a quiet river. Preferring, at least for a time, celibacy. For Léa, 41, living alone is a choice. "I will not get married, I saw too many disa…

Single and happy, instructions for use

Who are the singles? What is celibacy the name? How is it considered? How better to live it? While they are about 18 million in France, and singles are not always well seen.

Being single and happy
 The journalist Nadia Daam publishes How not to become a cat girl, a plea for solo life. She was the guest with the psychoanalyst Fabienne Kraemer, author of Solo no Solo , from Ali Rebeihi's program, Grand Bien Vous Faire. Together, they went around the question of life outside the couple.

The single, necessarily an old cat girl?
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How to become a happy single?

In fact, celibacy covers an infinity of situations. They are 18 million singles in France. Among them, there are truly single people, but also those who have occasional partners, or a sustainable partner, but do not live with them. Some have sexual friendships ...

And contrary to popular belief: singles are very surrounded. Studies show that when you are solo, you are more often involved in social and civic life. Whi…

You need a year to get used to being single

Getting used to being single is like moving to Denmark: everything seems completely foreign and it costs a bit of work and time to acclimatize. The first month you spend asking "Where am I? Who are these people with whom I am always walking?" And at night you will be constantly assaulted by the desire to go home. It will be a first month bathed in tears and rare cocktails, and you will hate it, but you will also love it. During those first thirty days, the protagonists will be tragedy and self-pity on the scale of the great productions of cinema, and you will feel entitled to all the downs that the body asks of you.

But the time passes, the months follow each other and the moment will come when your friends tell you that it was already mild to hear you cry with your nostalgia stories. There will come a day when you tell what you think is a funny anecdote about your ex and someone leans towards you and whispers in your ear, "Hey, I know it's not easy, but it's bee…

So feel like being single again after a break

Now that there is a day for everything, today is the world's bachelor's day . As the psychologist says Mireia Cabero "that of singles is a target that is booming, and for brands has become a secto r very valuable." But what happens when someone returns to singleness without wanting to? What are the most common fears and attitudes?

Well, it depends, of course. Basically of the circumstances in which that new singleness has taken place . "The emotional backpack changes according to the vital moment in which we find ourselves, and the relationship and the type of relationship we had with our previous partner, " explains the sexologist Isabel Moreno . In the case of a break, "among the new singles , the loneliness has bad press if you are the one that they have left, but not if you are the one that has broken and you give yourself to the crazy life , "says Cabero.

Today marks the World Day of the Bachelor, a target that is booming and has become ve…

7 Tips for Being Single and Happy

1. You are everything you need

Learn to do things on your own. Ask yourself what kind of things you like to do alone. Go to the movies? To museums? To a restaurant? Personally, I love going to the movies and art exhibitions on my own. I often reject friends' invitations to these two activities because I really enjoy being alone.

2. Do not keep a relationship that does not add value to your life

Look around. Do you have unhappy friends, with or without children? I do. I must say that MOST of my friends are involved in unhappy relationships. It's sad, but it's hard to change when you feel comfortable. In fact, there is nothing harder than abandoning your comfort zone, including a comfortable relationship. But ehhh! That you only live once and that also means that you must aim at the highest, or at least the best possible person you can imagine. Do not stay in a relationship that does not bring out the best in you, that pushes you to be the best version of yourself, that adds va…

10 benefits of being single, according to science

1. They exercise more

Singles spend more time keeping fit and practicing sports than those who stay together, married or divorced. This is indicated by a study conducted in the United States by the Department of Statistics on a sample of more than 13,000 people aged between 18 and 64 years.

The benefits of being single, according to science.
The benefits of being single, according to science.

2. Better health

According to a study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin, United States, to 1.2 million Americans in the framework of the National Health Interview Survey between 1972 and 2003 and published in 2008, people that they had never married, enjoyed greater well-being and health.

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However, another investigation, elaborated in 2006 by the experts Zhenmei Zhang and Mark D. Hayward under the name 'Gender, the Marital Life Course, and Cardiovascular Disease in Late Midlife', published in the prestigious…